Equity Services

Stock Cash Service

We provide 3-4 Stock Cash Market calls daily. Stock Cash trading inherently carries less risk than trading on margin. In stock cash there is no specific lot size so investors have liberty to make investment according to their risk and return capability.

Stock Future Service

This service is specially designed for STOCK FUTURE WHO trade NSE. In Stock future traders deal in lots that refers to the quantity in which an investor in the markets can trade in a particular script. Get 3-4 Stock Future Market Calls Daily.

Stock Cash Premium services

In this Service 3-4 Calls Daily, Regular updates Nifty Review, Resistance & Support level daily and weekly basis. Our highly qualified and experienced analysts who use state of art skilled and impeccable in their analysis.

Stock Future Premium Service

We provide 3-4 calls daily. Our experienced analyst, use their experience and latest software tools, to find the right opportunities in the market with high accuracy to predict the movements in share market on time and with high accuracy.

Equity Delivery Service

Equity Delivery service is for those who are looking forward to earn money from stock market & can hold their trade position for a week or month. On equity delivery service we provide only buy calls on Cash/Future/Option.

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